Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Skirt! Just wingin' it!!

Sooooo. I decided to just WING it. and make my own skirt.

On a crazy thrusday night (well actually not really), i was running throug the art studios looking for something to do when i found a box that said Free on it. Inside, a copy of John Recy's 'Numbers', a good read and two little boy shirts!! One was a grey nike shirt and the other was a stripped navy and blue shirt. I INSTANTLY thougt, skirt!

I have the habbit of FINDING clothing and doing stuff with it. haha. I've found a couple of thsirts and even a pair of jeans that fit me like a glove. haha. I guess I'm trashy that way. lol.

So it started like this:

and after about...say 3 -5 hours, it ended up looking like:

In future blogs, I WILL take photos of my process and post them up! I think process photos are just like, amazing. lol.

I have an avatar date tonight and I'm totally gonna wear it. ahaha.

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