Saturday, February 27, 2010

An introduction.

Hey guy's the name's Kit! I'm a 19 year old transgendered woman living in Valencia Califorina where I attend Art school! I made my decision to transition around March of last year. Currently, i've been going to school and living my life as the chick i feel I am inside.

Now, in making the decision to transition I came up with one major issue, clothes. What was I going to wear? I mean, girls have clothes, cute clothes! They wear them all the time and look great in them! hahah. I despised my boy clothes. I looked at them as a sign of my own self hatred and will to bend to what society wants me to be. I know that i am not a weak person that needs to live the way other people want me to live. I'm a strong woman that has been through a lot and I wanted my style to represent that.

I wanted to take my male clothing and turn it into something female. A sort of commentary on my life and my transition. I would take old opressive clothing and make it into something young and fun that i knew i would enjoy wearing. :) I like stripes and I like the whole concept of a pirate. I love adventure and I love women that aren't just this cookie cutter idea of what a woman should be. So I try to make my style echo that. I took one of my favorite boy shirts:

Look at it, wrinkled and boring. I hate it. A friend of mine made a very telling comment about this shirt. He told me that in highschool, my clothes always looked weird. like there was just something wrong. Something akward. Something that wasn't right. Now i look so much better and i feel so much better. :)

I made that boy shirt into something rather girly. To this day this is my favorite shirt of all. :) I love the way it fits me and it gives me just the right amount of cleavage. :)

being raised male, it's hard to get over sorta these tabboos that you're always told to avoid when you're a boy. Boys dont wear short shorts, expose their chest or wear skirts or dresses. It was har for me to get over those mental blocks but now i don't feel any shame. I know it's because i'm finally living my life the way I want to live it. And I'm happy!

I am a DiYer. I make my own clothes. I take the old and make it new. I love to cut up an old shirt. It's so liberating and I feel like Im so much stronger for doing it! I'm really glad i let go and just started living life. Now i'm living the life of a DiY Trany and I'm lovin' it. :)


  1. you must realize that your too cute for words......

  2. found this by serendipity. Wonderful, thanks for your help.