Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feminine shapes and easily transforming clothes you already have

Howdy guys! So I wanted to make this post for a LONG time. I have so much to say about this. This post will be able things that I've personally discovered when transforming my own wardrobe.

Here's a male body/mannequin. Most men are straight up and down without much curve. I think the major secret to having clothing that will make your more masculine body appear more feminine is wearing things that would accentuate or add the impression of curves. I'm a little pudgy so i have a bit of a curve and I think i can get away with a lot more than the standard skinny kid.

So here's an average Tshirt. To me, this is a pretty unisex garmet. But I think the key is to not do something that's unisex but something that is feminine. Very rarely do i find myself happy with wearing a normal tshirt. Usually, what I do is turn my normal tshirts into over the shoulder shirts. The over the shoulder style is a style that is instantly feminine. rarely do you see a masculine man bearing shoulders. Because we associate bare shoulders with the female gender, the over the shoulder top is a great easy quick solution.

I made this little diagram. The top one, you simply cut around the collar. This cut is better for shirts that are larger. When cutting over the shoulder tops, it's important to take the size of the shirt into account. A larger shirt will have a larger hole. So keep that in mind when you cut. Wit the first cut, you have to pull it off your shoulder it doesn't naturally sit off the shoulder. This can be nice because it gives you options You can simply wear it as more opened collar or pull it off the shoulder.
The second cut is more loose and you usaully dont need to pull it off the shoulder. Make sure that it's not TOO far because the hole could be too large and your shirt will keep falling off.

This is SO easy. There's been plenty of days when i just cut a shirt to go with what i'm wearing that particular day.

I made this varriation one day :D

One of my favorite shirts is in this style. :)

Now if you still want to wear tshirts, I suggest wearing ones that have a more opened collar or longer shirts that hug the hips.

Now, if you're like me, you might have a bunch of large dress shirts just sitting in your closet.

They're long they're loose, you dont like how they fel and they're a shad too masculine for your taste. WELL, an easy solution is to JUST PUT A BELT ON IT. Adding a belt to a loose shirt adds more of a waist to what you're wearing. You have to put the belt on proper waist, which for most people is above the belly button. Once you do that you'll end up with something like:

I like the way this looks and feels. The belt can turn a normal, loose masculine feeling shirt into something that is almost like a little dress. lol Well at least that's how it feels.

Putting a belt over your newly cut over the shoulder tops can also prove to be quite fashionable. :D

When it comes to skirts, when looking around, i will often see CDs and -some- TS that wear something like this

To me, this is more masculine than anything else. It sits too low on the waist and accentuates the lack of curve of the body.

I've developed a strong appreciation for pencil skirts with large waiste bounds.

To me, they accentuate and add hips. I find with dresses and skirts I feel and look more feminien when the waist is higher.


So I'll cut this short since i need to go to bed. lol. But Usually, I dress like..:

I think what I'm trying to say with this post and with this blog in general is that the power and ability to look and feel feminine CAN lye in the clothes that you already have. For some girls, feeling like a girl is more important than how fancy it is. I love my clothes becuase they mean something to me. I put my heart into it and the results make me smile. And I think that's important. right now i'm trying to rid myself of all my male clothes and only HAVE female clothes. it'll take some work but I'm willing to do it. If you're willing to as well, you can easily create items that will make you feel like the girl you feel you are inside

So. That's my post. I hope it was helpful to SOMEONE. lol.

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